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¡Vote No a la derogación engañosa del control de renta de Mountain View!

La Derogación Sneaky ha sido RETIRADA por los propietarios. Este intento de poner fin a la estabilización del alquiler NO estará en la boleta de noviembre. ¡Viva!

Here is the ballot statement that the MVHJC submitted against the Sneaky Repeal. (We will find out soon the ballot letter for the Sneaky Repeal.)

On November 3, 2020, Vote NO on Measure _ to maintain the vital renter protections that Mountain View voters passed in 2016.

Don’t be fooled by the corporate landlords who sponsored Measure _. Their arguments are deceptive and misleading.  Listen to community leaders and the volunteers who worked to pass renter protections in 2016, and who have defended renter protections over the last four years. Stand for your community against skyrocketing rents.

  • If Measure _ passes, current strong renter protections will be suspended within 60 days. Why? Because under Measure _, a vacancy rate of 3% or higher triggers the suspension of renter protections; the vacancy rate has consistently been higher than 3% for more than 20 years. We call Measure _ the “Sneaky Repeal” because it will effectively repeal renter protections.
  • Landlords may claim that rent control would still exist under Measure _. But this measure would allow automatic rent increases up to 7%, and landlords would be allowed to seek even higher increases. The tenant could go through a dispute resolution process to determine the “reasonableness” of an increase that exceeds 7%, but the outcome of that process would be “advisory” only and would not bind the landlord.
  • Measure _ would apply renter protections only to lower income tenants. This change would make it highly unlikely that landlords would ever rent to lower income tenants, since they could avoid renter protections by renting only to higher income tenants.
  • Mountain View’s current renter protections have no cost to the City. Costs are paid by a small annual fee for each unit paid by the landlord.

Protect the working people who provide essential services to our community from displacement; say NO to corporate landlords and skyrocketing rents. Vote No on Measure _.

Mountain View rental building

13,000 Mountain View families live in rent controlled apartments, thanks to Measure V – also called the CSFRA – the Community Stabilization and Fair Rent Act.

We need to let voters know that the Sneaky Repeal would end all meaningful Rent Control in Mountain View.

Before long, we will distribute door hangers and can use a lot of help.

Let us know if you want to volunteer.

Because of COVID-19, we will not knock on any doors, to make sure our flyering stays safe for everyone.