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Mountain View Housing Justice Bylaws

adopted 2/9/2022

Article 1: Purpose

The purpose of Mountain View Housing Justice is to advocate for every resident of Mountain View to have safe and stable shelter by promoting the rights of renters, vehicle residents, and the unhoused, and to develop leadership skills of our members to support these goals. We seek to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community here in Mountain View.

Article 2: General Membership

The responsibility of maintaining membership records is with the Steering Committee.

General membership is open to anyone that has participated in previous events run by the organization and who affirms support for the purpose of the organization as outlined in Article 1. Upon participation in a second event you become a general member. MVHJ events include but are not limited to: volunteering, attending meetings, attending rallies. This requirement may be waived by a majority vote of either the Steering Committee or a General Meeting.

Only MVHJ General Members may vote at General Meetings, or in other MVHJ elections.

General Membership may be revoked by majority vote at a General Meeting or ⅔ vote by the Steering Committee.

Article 3: General Meetings

At least two general meetings must be held in a twelve month period. Membership shall be notified in advance of upcoming meetings. The Steering Committee is responsible for hosting and notifying the general membership of general meetings, including notice of upcoming elections for the steering committee.

Membership may set direction and positions of the organization, with the power to override any decisions made by the Steering Committee with a majority vote.

Quorum for any actions at general meetings is 7.

Article 4: Steering Committee and Elections

The Steering Committee must be at least 5 and no more than 12 general members. Steering Committee members are elected for two-year terms from the day of voting results. Vacancies can be filled only at general meetings. Steering Committee members whose terms have expired continue to serve until the next general meeting.

Any general member may self-nominate for a position on the steering committee. Candidates for the steering committee are encouraged to introduce themselves as candidates.

The Steering Committee is authorized to spend money, make statements on behalf of Mountain View Housing Justice, organize itself, and take other actions as needed. This includes the power to delegate.

Article 5: Amendments to the Bylaws

Amendments to the bylaws can only be done by a ⅔ vote at general meetings.