Mountain View Housing Justice Coalition
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Community Matters

Building community requires the security of having housing not just for a month, but for years to come.

Isn't Mountain View Already Pro-Housing?

Yes, BUT... Will Council increase homelessness with a complete ban on RV's? Will landlords, or even Council, convince voters to go back to sky high rent increases and eviction without any reason? Mountain View Working families face big threats now, and in the 2020 election.

Is Housing Justice Possible?

Yes — if we work together. Together we can respond to our region's housing crisis with policies that create and preserve housing for all of our community.

Don't I Need to be an Expert to Help?

No! We can't fill City Council meetings with only experts — we need you! We will keep you updated, so that you will understand why some meetings, or emails or signature gathering makes a difference, and just can't wait.